Wednesday, July 29, 2009

cheyenne winter night

i've been meaning to post these pictures on here for oh, about 5 months now. my photo log is getting kind of backed up so i thought i should post these before too long. i ventured out on a super cold winter night to take these when the rest of the city of cheyenne was most likely asleep or cuddled up by a fire with a cup of hot chocolate. it's so fun just to run around town while the street ligts are flashing, the stores are all closed, and the only cars you see are police or taxis. it was probably 11:00 and in the low teens so i could only stay out for roughly a half hour before i started to shake so much that trying to manipulate camera equipment was turning into a dangerous task. these photos will give you an idea of the kind of town we are living in by highlighting some of the more historical buildings.

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The Wright Family said...

Can't wait to see Cheyenne for myself. Beautiful buildings.