Saturday, August 9, 2008

the venice canals- of socal

these are some random pictures that i took while roaming about the venice canals in los angeles. probably is my favorite neighborhood anywhere because of the beautiful serenity, silence, and artistic value. there are networks of canals instead of streets that were designed back during the industrial revolution to mimic what is found in venice italy. one man decided to try and re-create here in the states the same beauty and natural element of water and rural development that is found in italy. over the years with fluctuating economies and socioeconomic changes in society, the canals have evolved over the past 6 decades into what they are today. what started out as smaller beach style modest homes of middle to higher income residents, have now turned into large upscale homes reflecting contemporary modern masterpieces. many of the houses today are priced into the single and double digit millions and are most likely summer or vacation homes for the super-elite. these photos are some of my favorites on the outside....if i could only get inside for some interior shots!