Friday, November 28, 2008

your guess is as good as mine

about a year before we left san bernardino we were out driving around looking for something to do and as we headed down one of the many nice and livable neighborhoods (riiiiight) near the center of the city i spotted this strange and obscure billboard. i made a note to myself to photograph it at some point in the near future and i actually remembered the camera one day as i anticipated passing through the same area which is wise to do during the day only. to this day i'm still clueless as to what the meaning of this billboard may be, so if anyone can offer any insight on its purpose, by all means chime in. as nervous as i was to get his shot i'm glad i did because i doubt it's still there and doubt i'll ever see anything like it again. these photos kind of have a truman show/punch drunk love/LA story (talking billboard to steve martin that only he actually sees) quality about them. the majority of the public might view this in total confussion, but for one person it makes total sense and was pecurely and purposely placed there solely for their enlightenment. i've studied these photos trying to derive some sort of logical understanding of the sign's existence with no success. no inscription, labeling, or marking of any sort is found on or around the perplexing advertisement which lends to an even greater sense of confusion. perhaps at some point in my life i'll understand what the sign means, and maybe, just maybe, it's my own personal "talking marque billboard" (like steve martin's) that only i can see and comprehend "at night on the side of the LA freeway" and have yet to find its real meaning in my life.

the first shot is a normal exposure with little to no digital enhancement. the second one of course adjusts the saturation, and the third one attempts to convey a retro 70's quality with only color adjustments.


rik said...

totally clueless, but it's an awesome billboard.

The Wright Family said...

I think that the missing boy has died or that his mother aborted him. They are at communion so it is a religious ceremony. Maybe he died as a result of drugs or violence. I do think though maybe he was never born. Interesting that there are no clues.