Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hawaii's Secret Beauty

the hawaii temple is one of the most beautiful temples i've been to! i can't believe how amazing it looks at night especially. the photos didn't turn out that great because it ended up being a huge bright blur in the dark sky. i also took this photo from standing in front of it looking down toward the ocean. i think i looked kind of funny standing there at midnight by myself in front of the temple with a camera and remote with students, couples, people with dogs walking in front of me wondering what i was up to.

this is the blissful view we had from our little studio house right on the beach. yeah, just looking at this picture takes me back to a place that is worlds away from our little "tropical studio" in socal. i went out every night to get this same photo and other versions look good too, but this is my favorite. i made a little tripod out of rocks one night and then used an audaman another night. whatever works right?

this is from our room on the 9th floor of our hotel in honolulu. i went for a run that afternoon while jules took a much needed pregnanacy nap. i was dying to explore the city with nothing but my tank, shorts, and running shoes. i ran across downtown up to diamond head which is a lookout point of the entire city. an 80 degree tropical downpour added to the excitement of the run along waikiki beach. i haven't felt rain on my skin in over 10 months, so the shower was welcoming. later on after the rain had cleaned every surface of the city, i took this photo from our hotel balcony. there must have been 50 of this same shot making this the most photographed object/subject that i've ever taken of one thing besides my family. i challenged myself to take a virgin shot with no need for editing. it's great to use cs3 for some shots, but i'm usually still true to manual photography and avoiding the temptation to cheat on photos. someday i'll print a 6' x 8' version to cover a wall......i love this photo that much!


The Wright Family said...

Great pictures Cameron! I need some tips. Maybe I'll take a class. I also need to invest in some lenses. Love them!

Gamma Di said...

Hey Cameron, you are doing such beautiful shots that it makes me want to actually go to LAX!! That was so much fun with you and Julie when we went for a Clark Family night out to the observatory. And the Sheryl Crow concert you took me to was a real memory maker too. So we have had good times in the Hollywood Hills, good song too. Love to see some Wyoming shoots soon. Love to you, Mom