Saturday, July 5, 2008

windmill farm

ever since i can remember i have been enamored with these windmills that are found about 30 minutes from our house and about 30 minutes from palm springs. they're out in the middle of nowhere between two small mountain ranges, divided only by the 10 freeway and a few rural highways. there is a kind of beautiful mystique about them as they move at varied speeds from each other, weathering the harsh climate of the desert, while representing another technological attempt of man to artificially generate our most critical resource- electricity. there is an architectural and technological beauty to such an advanced device that seamlessly meets with nature in the desert landscape. occasionally i venture out to the palm springs area for meetings and this time i took the camera in hopes of having a blue non-hazy sky and a few minutes to get the windmills on film. next time i plan on hiking around the area at night with a full moon so i can take some unique night shots.


The Wright Family said...

Beautiful shots Cam. I hope you will keep this blog up and post some great photographs.

rik said...

sweet deal! cam's got a blog! i wasn't sure this day would ever come! how my wednesday could get any better i could not say.

welcome to the blogosphere, my friend. i've already subscribed, so don't leave me waiting for more! =]